Fate or Free Will?

What drives us in life? Is it Fate or Free Will? Are things fixed for us? Are we robots who are remote-controlled by planets? Can we exercise any free will?

These questions cross our minds quite often. From an Astrological perspective, there is no absolute term called ‘Fate’, and neither there is any absolute term called ‘Free Will.’ The reality lies somewhere in between the spectrum defined by ‘Fate’ and ‘Free Will.’ Life is a complex interplay of fate and free will.

The Great Karma Cycle

from fatalism to free will
………………from fatalism to free will
To understand this, let us discuss the “Karma Theory“. Astrology discusses three types of karmas- Sanchit Karma, Prarabdha Karma and Aagaam Karma. All opportunities, situations or problems that we get in life is imparted by our Sanchit karma. When we decide on the opportunity, problem or situation presented by the Sanchit Karma, it becomes our Prarabdha Karma. Further, all our future planning, the vision that we have about our lives going ahead, forms part of Aaagaam karma.

Wise always said so

The wise in our families keep telling us always to think positively. If we are away from negativism, we essentially improve our aagaam karma. With a positive state of mind, we are more likely to remain effective while dealing with problems in our lives. With a positive mental state, we are likely to make a good decision on the situation presented by Sanchit Karma. This leads to a good prarabdha karma. After we make a decision and act on a situation, this goes in history and becomes part of our sanchit karma. The positive balance of the sanchit karma improves, which, in turn, leads to giving us better opportunities and situations in life. This cycle goes on for eternity.
Conversely, the vice versa is also true. With a negative mind, we can set up a vicious cycle for us. Negative thinking about future leads us to incur a negative prarabdha karma, which then increases the negative balance in the Sanchit Karma. As a result, we invite negative opportunities, and the cycle continues.
Thus, we can safely conclude that we are indirectly masters of our fate and destiny. It depends on whether we think positively or negatively on the situations presented by life. The planets do not fix everything around us and ask us to live life like morons. We can change situations around us by our thoughts (aagaam karma) and actions (prarabdha karma). It is in our hand to create a positive or negative cycle for us.

Why do we believe in fate?

There can be many answers to it, but one crucial aspect is the uncertainty of life itself. So profound and unpredictable is the randomness and chaos around us that we are never sure what is coming in our life each day. The best of astrologers can only give general probabilistic indications but can never predict precise events that are going to happen. Each day we have to make hundreds of conscious and unconscious decisions. As time passes, circumstances change and a decision taken in the past appears to be faulty. Since there is no way out as we have already made a decision and acted upon it, we tend to attribute this ‘learned helplessness‘ to “fate”. It is basic psychology of the human mind that it cannot take stress for long, and it starts resorting to coping mechanisms. One such coping mechanism is the belief in ‘fatalism‘, which propagates that all outcomes are inevitable and pre-decided, and we cannot avoid them.

However, Astrologers (who genuinely research the subject) have a different view on it, and they don’t believe in fatalism. This belief is the basis of RationalAstro school of thought. The role of ‘fate’ is limited only to the opportunity that is presented before us by the sanchit karma. On that opportunity, we consciously weigh all the options available, and then like a rational and thinking person, decide on it. This action comes back to us in the form of new and different situations at different times in our lives due to sanchit karma, and this cycle goes on.

Astrology is about ‘Free Will’ and not exclusively ‘Fate’

Fate is a vast canvas within which we are free to draw whatever we like. Astrology is an excellent tool through which we can analyse the times we are in, and according to the demands of the planets, we can align our lives. Astrology teaches us to be spiritual, focused and detached. We, therefore, make the right decisions with a positive mind and remain within the positive karma cycle. We always feel fortunate as good things keep happening over and over again to us. Astrology is thus a spiritually loaded decision-making tool that is deeply rooted in the karma cycle. Astrology wants us to muster the best within us to face varied situations and challenges posed by life.

Let us not wait for ‘fate’ to take us through our times. Let us take charge of ourselves and create our own karma cycle or ‘destiny.’ Let us spread positive energies, make responsible decisions on the opportunities presented by life and keep strengthening the values of love, affection, understanding, and compassion. By such actions, we will make this earth a better place to live for every one of us, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, or nationality.

Om Tat Sat

Anish Prasad

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