Depression, Anxiety and Suicides- Can Astrology help?

There has been a recent spurt in instances of suicides by celebrities in India due to extreme depression and anxiety. Can Astrology help? The photo is an indicative representation of Depression, Anxiety and Suicides among people.

The suspected suicides of famous actor Sushant Singh Rajput, TV actor Sameer Sharma and Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak in a short span of time has sent shockwaves across the society. The general perception is that these actors and actresses are highly successful and happy people. They are not only blessed with wealth but also a good amount of fame. Then, why anyone who has supposedly got so much in life, be depressed to the extent of committing suicide? Let’s examine.

Rising Depression, Anxiety and Suicides:

The cases of depression, anxiety and suicides have been increasing due to the spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19. The disease has shaken the world to its core. The pandemic does not seem to end in the near future. We have to take extreme precautions until we find a vaccine or a cure. (For more on this, please read- When will Coronavirus end?). On top of it, the instances of suicides by celebrities further adds to the gloom in the society.

From the point of view of Vedic Astrology, depression indicators are many. Medical Astrology does not specifically cover depression aspects. However, for students of Astrology, it is easy to delineate the planetary combinations leading to depression and anxiety.

Astrological combinations indicating Depression, Anxiety and Suicidal tendencies:

Astrological analysis can give us a thorough understanding of the planetary combinations in which the person commits suicide. In cases of suicide, astrology aspects can give clear indications about the person’s mental state. There are well understood astrological combinations for suicide and also for depression and anxiety. In Astrology, suicidal tendencies in horoscopes can be precisely diagnosed if the horoscope is prepared with data that has undergone birth time rectification. There is no suicide yoga in Kundli as such. However, various combinations in horoscope can indicate whether the person’s circumstances can drive her/him to take the extreme step or not. To that extent, depression, anxiety, suicides and Vedic astrology should be dealt in a holistic manner. This would fuel further research for the overall benefits to society.

Major Role of FOUR Planets in the analysis of depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies:

In this article, we’ll not discuss detail planetary combinations behind depression and suicides. However, it would be important to know that four planets have a significant role:

Moon– the karaka of mind, Sun– the karaka of physical well-being, Jupiter– the karaka of wisdom and Mercury– the karaka of logic and intelligence. The afflictions in the horoscope involving any of these planets can cause depression and anxiety in a person. Especially, Moon being the karaka of mind and mood has a significant role to play. There are 16 fast-changing phases of Moon known as shodash Chandra Kalas. In the life of persons who appear to be very happy, content and successful, there are always a few moments of deep depression. The risk of committing suicide is maximum during such time. Unfortunately, many persons just take the extreme step of killing themselves in those very moments.

Astrology Remedies for Depression, Anxiety and Suicidal Tendencies:

There are effective depression remedies in Astrology for persons in different situations:

Dasha Planet Propitiation:

For those who are already undergoing mood disorders, depression and anxiety, doing the specific remedy for the planet whose Dasha is causing the current mental state of depressive thoughts will help.

A very effective routine spiritual process to help ourselves remain in positive thoughts and avoiding negative environments is to regularly do the grah mantra for the Antar dasa or Pratyantar dasa lord as per Vimsottari dasa scheme. Vimsottari dasa being a nakshatra Dasha is crucial while examining matters related to depression, anxiety or suicidal tendencies.

Recitation of appropriate Nakshatra Sutram:

For someone whose anxiety and depression levels are generating suicidal thoughts, the most effective remedy is the recitation of Nakshatra Sutram as per their horoscope. The Nakshatra Sutrams are powerful sattvik mantras whose sound intonations can dissuade the mind away from the suicidal thoughts. Moreover, the Nakshatra Sutrams lift the person out from depressive moods almost instantly. Listening to the Nakshatra Sutram of the Nakshatra in which the natal moon is almost an SOS in depression. Practically, people have experienced that by listening to the appropriate nakshatra sutram, the depressive and suicidal thoughts just vanish away in a matter of minutes.

Astro-Enlightenment and Empowerment Sessions (AEES):

One of the best antidotes to depression and anxiety is what I call the Astro-Enlightenment and Empowerment Sessions (AEES). In these confidentially held sessions, the astrologer and the person discuss various planetary combinations in the horoscope associated with depression and anxiety. One of the most important criteria for such sessions is that the discussions have a positive and empowering undertone. The objective is to focus on solutions rather than problems, focus on free will rather than fatalism. It is almost always certain that such a session with an accomplished astrologer will relieve the person from the current phase of depression and anxiety. To further ensure that this phase becomes permanent, the person has to make certain long term changes and undertake additional remedial measures.

The field of Astrology is unfortunately full of charlatans, therefore it is important to exercise caution while choosing an astrologer for discussions. Moreover, there are not many astrologers who offer services for such sessions. However, in case you find one, please ensure that the Astrologer being consulted has the requisite mandatory qualities of being an Astrologer.

Working on the core thought process:

For those who are undergoing rough patches in life but want to remain away from unnecessary anxiety and depression, the best remedy is to work on the very thought process. We need to make the best dish out of the ingredients that God has laid down on our plates. Moreover, we should not try to brood about the missing items on our plate nor we should bother about other’s plates and the items therein. According to the Karma theory, we get what we deserve.

Astrology has a lot to offer for people suffering from anxiety, depression and having occasional suicidal tendencies. It is not difficult to win over such situations. We all need to become a bit more emotionally intelligent, a bit less ambitious, a bit more helpful and a bit less selfish.

The Revati Nakshatra Sutram:

The Moon is in Revati Nakshatra today. It’s the last nakshatra in the scheme of constellations. The Nakshatra imparts peace and inner calmness. Revati Nakshatra is considered very auspicious and lucky. The Nakshatra imparts sensitivity and sensibility to mankind. The recitation of Revati Nakshatra Sutram has the potential to drive away negativity and ward off depression and anxiety. In the next 40 seconds, let’s bring fortune and happiness in our lives by listening to the Revati Nakshatra Sutram:


Om Tat Sat,

Anish Prasad

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{Published on- August 09, 2020}


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