Please go through the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

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1. Can I ask questions/queries to analyze my Horoscope?

RationalAstro website is not a platform to discuss Individual horoscopes. However, if you have given any feedback through the website, you would get a response. You would also get a response in case of questions/discussions on concepts/topics/doubts etc. in Astrology. Please appreciate that due to time constraints and volumes of emails received, it is not possible to reply to each email. At times, it so happens that an astrologer gives negative advice or opinion to someone which gives sleepless nights to her/him. You can expect a logical response to such queries seeking a second opinion.

2. Do I have to pay for using the resources of this Website?

Nothing. Neither in Cash nor Kind. All the material on this website including articles, Mantras, etc. is free to download and for unlimited distribution and sharing. RationalAstro is a non-commercial approach to dealing with Astrology. Its website is a medium that publishes and discusses rational and logical perspectives on various matters connected to Astrology. The website is self-sustained without any donations or payments from anywhere. It is requested not to make any request for individual sessions for reading horoscopes in lieu of Dakshina or donation & payment etc. 

3. I am interested in learning Astrology. How can I contact the persons contributing to RationalAstro for Astro related discussions (not for discussing my horoscope)?

Contact details of content contributors are not available on the Website. However, if anyone subscribes to RationalAstro through the Subscribe tab on the Home Page, that individual gets added to RationalAstro Google Group. You will get an intimation on your email. Discussions on Astro topics can then commence on that email. You may also like to read an article on “How to Learn Astrology “. This article contains a list of essential books and other resources for beginners as well as Intermediate level students of Astrology.  

4. What do you charge to teach Astrology?

RationalAstro is without any commercial interest and is a service to society. The contributors on RationalAstro DO NOT CHARGE anything from anyone for anything related to Astrology. In case you are interested to learn astrology, please subscribe to RationalAstro and be in touch on emails. NO ONE in this World can ever become learned enough to teach Astrology. Astrology has an unbroken Five Thousand Years of history, and thus it is not possible to learn Astrology in one life. Everyone is, therefore, a student in Astrology.

5. What is so unique about the term RationalAstro? How is RationalAstro different from other methods of dealing with Astrology? 

The approach of RationalAstro in dealing with the subject of Astrology is different in the sense that RationalAstro deals with the classical principals of Astrology from a modern perspective. RationalAstro believes that Logic and rationality should be crucial tools to deal with the subject of Astrology. One should not accept anything if it does not appeal to logic and reasoning. There are several hundred concepts in astrology that we still don’t understand. However, unfortunately, astrologers commonly misuse and abuse these concepts to foment insecurity in people and extort them. RationalAstro aims at making people more and more aware so that the charlatans in Astrology are not able to exploit them.  

There is a significant role of intuition of the Astrologer in chart readings. Psychology accepts Intuition as a concept, and eminent scholars have deeply researched ‘Intuition’. ‘Time rectification’ is the first and foremost step while analyzing horoscopes. The process of time rectification requires time and effort, but when the birth time gets rectified, the analysis is much more proper and fruitful. Further, on the remedy part, the approach of RationalAstroinvolves Sattvik remedies such as Mantras as against Rajasik remedies such as wearing ratnas or tamasik remedies such as tantra etc.