Qualities of an Astrologer

Qualities of an Astrologer

We should never share horoscope with anyone who does not appear to possess the prescribed qualities of an Astrologer. Our Horoscope is a sacred document. It is a  gateway into our life. It can reveal everything about us to someone who has deeply studied Astrology.  To read a similar article in Hindi, please click- अच्छे ज्योतिष कैसे हों?

The Sages Knew:

Our great Sages defined the qualities expected from a student in Astrology. The wise Sages must have thought about such an essential aspect in Astrology. When we share our birth data with an Astrologer, we are trusting her or him with our lives. Thus, the Astrologer should also be competent and worthy of receiving our data from us.

There can never be a complete or accomplished “Astrologer” in the World. Reading and understanding the body of knowledge which has over 5000 years of continuous existence is not possible in one life. Therefore, even the greatest of practitioners in Astrology shall always remain “Students of Astrology” and can never become “Astrologers.”

Qualities that a student of Astrology should have:

The Qualities that a student in Astrology shall possess are laid down in the Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra in the very first Chapter. The Great Maharshi Parasara while interacting with his disciple Maitreya states-

शान्ताय गुरूभक्ताय सर्वदा सत्यवादिने। आस्तिकाय प्रदातव्यं ततः श्रेयो ह्यवाप्सयति।।
न देयं परशिष्याय नास्तिकाय शठाय वा। दत्ते प्रतिदिनं दुःखं जायते नात्र संशयः।।

(Ver. 7 & 8, Chap.-1, Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra, Vol.1)

Maharshi Parashara prescribes characteristics of a student of Astrology which should be that-

I. The student should be peaceful within.
ii. The student should honour the teachers and elders
iii. The student should always strive to speak the truth.
iv. The student should be God-fearing.

Parasara further says that one should not teach Astrology to unwilling students and a crafty and cunning person. Hence, anyone studying astrology should aspire for the four qualities of an astrology student and try to remain truthful from within.

Test before Trust:

Next time while trusting anyone with Horoscope or birth details, please assess the person on the above mentioned four parameters that reflects on Qualities of an Astrologer. Any practitioners of Astrology cannot be peaceful from within if she/he is charging too much, earning commissions by prescribing gemstones, taking a cut from the donations that they ask people to make in the temples, etc. Astrology is closely associated with Spirituality. As a result, it is one of the most exceptional guiding and decision-making tools devised by the Great Sages for humanity so that we should suffer better and manoeuvre the times that we are in due to the planetary movements. To that extent, the student or practitioners of Astrology should function in a robust ethical framework, and we all should be aware of this.

ऊँ श्री महागणाधिपतये नमः

Om Tat Sat

Anish Prasad

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