When will Coronavirus end? – An astrological analysis

{Published- April 29, 2020}

An Illustration of Coronavirus created by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

The spread of Coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill. When will Coronavirus end? Let’s analyse from an astrological perspective.

Mundane Astrology:

Mundane Astrology is a specialised branch in Astrology in which we study matters affecting a large segment of the population of various countries. It deals with issues relating to Nation-States, its rulers and significant events in the Countries.

There is curiosity regarding what astrology has to say in the current situation about the end of Coronavirus. A research article addressing this issue is long overdue in astrological academic circles. The planetary positions during the coronavirus crisis and the possibilities that the future planetary combinations could offer is an important research area. In this backdrop, I have attempted to write this article. I would request all, especially the students of Astrology who are reading this article to point out shortcomings and improve this article further.

Structure of the Article:

I have first analysed the following epidemics/pandemics in the history of the world:

1. The Antonine Plague – 165 to 189 AD

2. The Justinian Plague- 541 AD

3. The Black Death- 1347 AD

4. The Spanish Flu- 1918 AD

The analysis covers the planetary combinations at places where these pandemics were either first reported or peaked. I have made horoscope accordingly taking the time as noon.

After analysing the causes, I have further examined how the four epidemics ended and what were the significant planetary combinations during which the world was able to control the diseases.

Finally, I have discussed the astrological aspects involved in the spread of Coronavirus. In conclusion, I had tried to come out with a deductive prognosis towards relief from the pandemic.


I use Jagannatha Hora software for all astrological readings. This software is perhaps the most comprehensive research software in Astrology ever produced. It is created by Shri P V R Narasimha Rao who has given it free for the benefit of the world. I have taken the snippets in this article from the horoscopes created using Jagannath Hora software.

I have made occasional references of material/authors/websites which I have acknowledged by way of inserting hyperlinks to the concerned sources. Please excuse me if I missed any acknowledgement inadvertently.

The article mainly intends to serve as a research article for students in Astrology. There are several astrological terms which may sound too technical for general reading. The students of Astrology may read the article thoroughly from start to end. However, all other readers may just scroll through pausing only on the bold portions. Readers are however requested to read the last part with paragraph heading “Relief from Coronavirus”. 

Specific planetary combinations for such pandemics:

Let us analyse a few of the past global epidemics that resulted in widespread casualties and see whether we could figure out any pattern of planetary combinations during such events.

1. The Antonine Plague (165-189 AD):

Regions affected: Italy, Spain and the Medittarenan region.

Symptoms– fever, diarrhoea and pharyngitis, sore throat, skin eruptions; symptoms appeared after 8-9 days of illness.

Estimated 7-10% population of the Roman Empire died due to the Plague.

Let us examine through the horoscope constructed by taking mid-year time in Rome, Italy in AD 169 considered as the period around which the disease peaked. One of the suspected causes of death of Emperor Lucius Verus in 169 AD could be this disease.

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this Horoscope indicates Antonine Plague, Italy, 169 AD
Antonine Plague, Italy, 169 AD

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this shows Antonine Plague Data

Astro-analysis of Antonine Plague:

Please note the Guru-chandaal Yoga (Rahu and Jupiter conjunction) is strongly aspecting combination of Venus with Ketu in Gemini, the 3rd house of Kundali of Kaalpurush. Moreover, Jupiter is in Vakragamanam, i.e. it is retrograde. The dispositor of Venus-Ketu combination is Mercury- the Karak of Skin and also the lord of diseases (6th Lord) in the horoscope. Saturn is strongly aspecting the 6th house of illness. Presence of Rahu imparts a mysterious character to the plague. The diseases due to Saturn are related to breathing etc. (Vayu Tattva), and mercury gives skin problems. Mercury is also the ruler of the Lungs and respiratory system. No wonder, people suffered from skin eruptions and lung diseases during this time.

Relapse of Antonine Plague:

The Antonine Plague slowed after 180 CE but flared up again in 189 before finally settling down. Let’s examine through the horoscope of 1st July 189 AD in Rome, Italy.

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this Horoscope shows relapse of Antonine Plague in 189 AD
Relapse of Antonine Plague in 189 AD

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this is the Data of relapse of Antonine Plague in 189 AD

The combination of Rahu and Saturn in the 8th house of Kaalpurush Kundali strongly aspected by Ketu again shows the role of Rahu in mysteriously bringing back the disease. Thankfully, there is no Jupiter to flare up the situation, and therefore the plague finally died down.

The sign of Gemini is concerned with Lungs, breathing and smell. The Taurus sign marks the throat and nose area. The Scorpio is the sign of secrecy, mystery and hidden things. Any connection of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mercury with Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio or Saggitarius is a combination of widespread mysterious diseases related to lungs and skin. The relapse of the plague in 189 AD is thus clearly explained.

Relief from the Antonine Plague:

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this is the Data for relief from Antonine Plague

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this shows the Relief from Antonine Plague, Rasi change of Rahu & Ketu, Italy, 190 AD
Relief from Antonine Plague, Rasi change of Rahu & Ketu, Italy, 190 AD

Let us examine the planetary transit mode in Mundane Astrology. Rahu left Scorpio + Ketu left Tauras on 20-March-190 AD. When Ketu moves out from the conjunction of Sun, the immunity of the general population vastly improves. Similarly, Rahu leaving Saturn offers great hope for the world. The world must have felt significant relief from the plague after March-190 AD. Such type of diseases, however, is never entirely off the world’s back. They keep coming intermittently in some form or the other. However, as the horoscope suggests, after 20-March-190 AD, humanity could finally overpower the plague or majority of people developed an immunity. 

2. The Justinian Plague (541 AD):

Regions affected: Eastern Roman Empire, port cities around the Medittarenan region

Symptoms– fever, swollen lymph node, headaches

The Plague killed up to a quarter of the Eastern Mediterranean population and about 10 per cent of the world’s population.

Astro-analysis of Justinian Plague:

Let’s analyse the horoscope assuming peak of the event in the mid-year of 541 AD.

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this is the Horoscope showing Justinian Plague, Italy, 541 AD
Justinian Plague, Egypt, 541 AD

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this is the Data for Justinian Plague, Italy, 541 AD

Please note that the planetary combinations in Justinian Plague are similar to that of Antonine Plague and also the involvement of the same signs- Gemini, Taurus, Saggitarius. Same Ketu-Mercury combination in the 3rd House of Kaalpurush Kundali. Gemini and Pisces having Moon in it, cause argala on Taurus having Jupiter. Further, Moon- the watery planet rules lungs, chest, cold and phlegm is having Rashi drishti on Sagittarius and Gemini. Additionally, if we see Sun, it is 12th from its own house which shows weak immunity in the population. Please also note the exalted Saturn in Libra in a shadashtaka relationship with Jupiter in Taurus.

These combinations indicate that there is a disease which is mysteriously spreading. The condition is affecting the lungs and chest area. The population is succumbing to the disease due to weak immunity.

Relief from the Justinian Plague:

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this is the Relief from Justinian Plague-1st Axis Shift

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this is the Data for Relief from Justinian Plague-2nd Axis Shift

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this is the Final Relief from Justinian Plague-2nd Axis Shift
Final Relief from Justinian Plague, 542-543 AD

The Justinian plague declined in two phases. The first phase of decline commenced from 20-Jan-542 AD when Rahu leaves Sagittarius and enters Scorpio, and Ketu goes from Gemini and enters Taurus. Would it end the disease? Certainly not. Rahu+Saturn combination and Ketu+Moon combination in samasaptaka cannot stop the disease. In August 543 AD, when Rahu enters Libra and Ketu enters Aries, the world could effectively control the menace.

3. The Black Death (1347 AD):

Regions affected: Mainly Europe, North Africa, Central Asia, including China and India. Countries connected through trade routes got severely affected. The epicentre of the outbreak was said to be Messina, Italy.

Symptoms– fever, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, bleeding from mouth, nose or rectum; incubation period was about 5-6 days. (P.S.: the intestinal and stomach area got primarily affected rather than lungs and respiratory regions of the body).

An estimated 75-125 million people died due to this pandemic.

The scientists found similarities between the strain responsible for the Justinian outbreak and the one responsible for the Black Death. Let us see if there are similarities in the Astrological combinations about the two epidemics or not.

Astro-analysis of the Black Death Epidemic:

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this is the Horoscope showing the Black Death Epidemic, Italy, 1347 AD
The Black Death Epidemic, Italy, 1347 AD

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this is the Data showing the Black Death Epidemic, Italy, 1347 AD

As we can see, the world was really in bad times those days. The glaring combinations are as under:

i. FOUR debilitated planets – Moon, Sun, Venus and Mars.

ii. The fifth house (the sign of Leo) having argala from Moon and Venus. The fifth house is associated with abdomen, viscera- stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas.

iii. The presence of Rahu in the 5th house strongly aspected by Ketu + Saturn combination. Involvement of Saturn means a chronic disease which is going to prolong for a very very long time. Ketu produces infective epidemics whose cause is uncertain. Rahu leads to unfounded fears related to incurable chronic ailments.

iv. A debilitated Sun is directly associated with severe effects in a large mass of population that had weak immunity.

v.  Jupiter has a strong 5th house aspect on Leo having Rahu in it. Whenever there is any influence on Jupiter on an issue, that issue gets multiplied many folds. In this case, Jupiter will escalate the Black Death epidemic to disproportionate levels.

The debilitated Mars, which is the 8th lord in Kaalpurush Kundali in the 4th house (of Sukha-Hanan), has a significant impact in triggering the disease. If we see the Yogini Dasa, we see that the Mars dasa was running at that time. 

Relief from the Black Death Epidemic:

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this is the Horoscope showing relief from the Black Death Epidemic, Yogini Dasa
   Relief from the Black Death Epidemic as per Yogini Dasa

The Mars Dasa triggered the outbreak. It was severe during the onset of the Mercury period and then started getting controlled in the Italy region. Mercury period began in Dec 1349. Mercury is along with Sun aspected by 9th lord Jupiter. The debilitation of the Sun is an essential factor since the Sun is the dispositor of Rahu in the chart. The disease started weakening since 1350. Available data suggest that it finally subsided by 1353. However, since Saturn, Rahu and Ketu were in direct involvement for bringing in the disease, it would not vanish for a very very long time. Even if it doesn’t bother humanity as a whole but still it cannot be written off entirely.

In our analysis of the previous three epidemics so far, it is clear that the Rahu-Ketu axis has a significant role. Further, the touch of Saturn and Jupiter is essential in the spread of the disease. Whenever Jupiter either conjoins or aspects the sign related to the most significant disease brought in by the plague, the magnitude exponentially expands.

Let us examine another notable epidemic in modern times to confirm this hypothesis further. 

4. The Spanish Flu (1918 AD):

Regions affected: Europe, the US, parts of Asia. Slowly it spread to almost all areas of the world.

Symptoms– common flu symptoms such as sore head, chills, dry cough further leading to pneumonia. The virus attacked the respiratory system.

The world regards the Spanish Flu as the deadliest Flu in its history. About 500 million people were affected, and about 50 million died due to this pandemic.

Astro-analysis of the Spanish Flu:

We cannot assign any definitive date for the onset of the flu. However, one of the times often cited is 15-Jan-1918 when a case of Spanish Flu appeared at Haskell County, Kansas, USA. Let’s analyse the horoscope.

This is the Horoscope showing the Spanish Flu, USA, 1918
      The Spanish Flu, USA, 1918

This is the Data showing the Spanish Flu, USA, 1918

Please note the significant correlation between planetary positions in the significant epidemics that we have discussed so far. In the case of Spanish Flu as well, the area of lungs and respiratory system (signs of Taurus & Gemini) is strongly afflicted by Rahu-Ketu axis. Jupiter and Moon have a strong argala on Gemini. Mars has a rasi drishti which indicates that along with general respiratory disorders, the victims could also be having a sharp burning sensation in the lungs. The touch of Jupiter ensured that the disease gets an exponential increase.

The Rahu-Ketu axis brings about mystery and surprise that is associated with the epidemic. Doctors initially didn’t know how to treat this disease.

Relief from the Spanish Flu:

The flu significantly started reducing after December-1920. There was a significant reduction in Spanish Flu when Rahu-Ketu axis changed sign. Let’s see the progression of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope:

This is the Horoscope showing Spanish Flu, sign change, by Ketu in June-1918
 Spanish Flu- sign change by Ketu in June-1918.

This is the Data showing Spanish Flu, sign change, by Ketu in June-1918

Spanish Flu Relief: First Shift of Rahu-Ketu axis

On June-7, 1918, Ketu moves from Gemini to Taurus. Did the situation improve? Certainly not. Instead, it got aggravated across the world. Ketu conjoined Jupiter and Moon in the area governing lungs. Probably around this time, the Spanish Plague was at its peak. 

This is the Spanish Flu: sign change by Ketu in December-1919.
Spanish Flu: sign change by Ketu in December-1919.

This is the Data for Spanish Flu: sign change by Ketu in December-1919.

Spanish Flu Relief: Second Shift of Rahu-Ketu axis

The next change happened when Ketu entered Aries on December 25, 1919. Rahu-Ketu axis is no more over the lungs and respiratory system. But can we say that the Flu would have ended?

Examining the Argala, we see that Ketu and Rahu have a strong argala on Gemini. Also, Jupiter is having argala on Gemini. Thus, the Flu persists, but since Ketu-Rahu axis is not directly affecting Gemini and Taurus, the intensity is not the same, and there are clear signs of Flu getting weakened. The world is taking over the control back and regaining health. 

Spanish Flu Relief: Third Shift of Rahu-Ketu axis:

This is the Data for 3rd shift of Rahu-Ketu axis

This is the Horoscope showing Spanish Flu, sign change, by Ketu in July-1921
Spanish Flu- sign change by Ketu in July-1921.

In July 1921, Ketu finally left Aries and entered Pisces. Rahu came into Virgo. Sun the 5th lord in the Kaalpurush chart is in Gemini giving immunity to the population. The Flu is no more a pandemic by July 1921. But it has still not ended because Rahu and Ketu are having Rasi Drishti on Gemini and argala on Taurus. Jupiter is causing argala. But since the Rahu-Ketu axis is away from Gemini and Taurus, the flu got controlled.

Few other epidemics happened after the Spanish Flu. Notable among them were the Ebola Virus in 1976 AD, SARS in 2003 and Swine Flu (H1N1) in 2009. This article has already grown lengthy, so I am skipping these epidemics for discussions in detail later. Let’s now analyse the Coronovirus or COVID-19.

5. COVID-19 or Coronavirus (2019 AD):

Regions affected: Almost the entire world.

Symptoms– As per world Health Organisation symptoms of COVID-19 or Coronavirus are Fever, tiredness, and dry cough. Some patients may report aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhoea.

China reported the first case of Coronavirus in Wuhan on 17th November 2019. Let’s make the horoscope.

This is the Horoscope showing The first case of Coronavirus infection in Wuhan, China
The first case of Coronavirus infection in Wuhan, China

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this is the Data showing The first case of Coronavirus infection in Wuhan, China This is the data showing gantanta positions of planets

Critical factors in the horoscope of the first Case of Coronavirus:

In the above horoscope, the following stand out:

1. Rahu and Ketu both are exalted. Further, Rahu has a strong argala on Taurus.

2. Sun- the Karaka of immunity does not show strength. Moreover, Sun gets debilitated in the Bhava Chalit Chakra. In the Bhava chart, it is a strong Marak in the 7th House. In the Rasi chart, it is in the 8th house of mysterious diseases.

This is the Bhava Chalit Chakra, first case, Wuhan, China

As part of analysis for possible end of Coronavirus, this is the Bhava chakra for Ra-Ke axis shift          Bhava Chalit Chakra, first case, Wuhan, China

3. Jupiter shows good strength in its own house. Whenever Jupiter touches any combination- good or evil, it will always scale it up exponentially.

4. Jupiter is in Gandanta – the confluence of water and fiery signs. It is never auspicious for any planet to be in Gandanta.

5. Saturn (the planet of Vayu) has a commanding aspect on Gemini – the area governing lungs and respiratory system. Moreover, Saturn is the ‘Rudra’ planet in the horoscope.

6. Apamrityu Sahama (shown as ApmS in the horoscope) is around 19 degrees in Scorpio, very close to Venus the 7th Lord and strong Maraka in the Kaalpurush Kundali.

7. The Roga Sahama (the point which triggers diseases) in the Cancer Sign gets activated by the Sun+Venus combination in Scorpio by way of a powerful argala on Cancer.

Any student of Astrology would agree that with such combinations, the world has to face something of the magnitude which we are facing today.

But why is that the disease turned into an Epidemic? What are the expected dates of spread?

To get the answers to the above questions, I started examining each day after 17th November 2019 by understanding the movements of the planets. Surprisingly, in the horoscopes dated 25th and 26th December 2019, the planetary transits were extremely weird. Let’s examine the horoscope.

Horoscope showing Planetary combinations at the start of the spread of Coronavirus Pandemic in the World
Planetary combinations at the start of the spread of Coronavirus Pandemic in the World

Weird and Uncommon Planetary Transits:

Please note that the combination of Moon+Ketu+Saturn+Mercury+Sun+Jupiter strongly aspects Rahu in Gemini and Mars, giving a strong argala on Rahu from Scorpio. Such a combination is something weird, and it indicates a significant phenomenon that would go down in the annals of history. The Apamrityu Sahama (ApmS), a unique point considered for untimely deaths is in Scorpio where 8th lord Mars is present in its own house. Scorpio is the 8th house in the Kaalpurush kundali, which is a significant house to understand the threat to lives during epidemics.

We can thus astrologically deduce that 26th December 2019 is the date after which the disease started to take the form of a pandemic.

The Coronavirus scenario in India:

Horosocope showing Planetary positions, the first case of Coronavirus in India, 30th January 2020
Planetary positions, the first case of COVID-19 in India, 30th January 2020

Analysing the transits at the time of the first reported case in India on 30th January 2020, we see that Rahu and Ketu are exalted. Jupiter is in Kshema Tara related to well-being and Ketu is in Vipat tara signifying danger. Jupiter and Ketu are together, which means there is a clear danger to the health of the population of India in general. Since the Rahu-Ketu axis is affecting Gemini, the respiratory system, lungs etc. of the people are vulnerable from this disease. Gemini transit of Rahu has never been auspicious for India. Previously, Rahu entered Gemini in Nov-2009 during which the Swine Flu peaked.

Relief from Coronavirus:

The entire world is worried as to when will we get the relief from Coronavirus. With an intricately interconnected world, we cannot win over the COVID-19 in isolation. The world as a whole has to control it together. Thus, we should make any meaningful astrological prognosis considering the world as a whole rather than making country-specific analysis.

Specific Predictions in the public domain:

When will Coronavirus end? Various Astrologers from across the globe have attempted to answer this question. Popular website ‘The Week’ reports quoting a famous astrologer that combustion of Mercury around April 25 will help India and the world to halt the virus to a great extent.

‘The Week’ further quotes another astrologer who says that after May, there will be very few coronavirus patients left here. It will almost finish by April end. Coronavirus hates the sun, and summer season has begun in most parts of the Country.

Some other astrologers predict that after 14th April, Sun changes sign and the situation would start improving after this. A young astrologer who has a significant following on youtube has predicted that Mars exits the conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn on May 4th and then Jupiter exits on June 30th. After this, the virus cannot survive and that July to mid-December appears to be peacetime.

Unfortunately, none of this seems to be coming true.

Coronavirus Relief: The axis of Rahu-Ketu:

The axis of Rahu-Ketu, the involvement of Gemini sign (for respiratory problems), planets Jupiter, Moon and Saturn are similar planetary combinations that were present at the time of Antonine Plague, Justinian Plague and the Spanish Flu. The respiratory system, lungs, throat and nose area are getting affected in Antonine, Justinian, Spanish Flu and COVID-19. The Black Death epidemic, on the other hand, targeted the stomach region (the sign of Leo), but the prima cause remains the same, which is the Rahu-Ketu axis and touch of Saturn.

Thus, for any meaningful analysis about the prognosis regarding the solution to the COVID-19 problem, we must analyse the movement of Rahu-Ketu axis.

Astrological similarities between incidents of Coronavirus and other major plagues:

The following are the planetary combinations at the time of Coronavirus that are astrologically very similar to the Antonine Plague, Justinian Plague and the Spanish Flu:

i. All of these epidemics attacked our respiratory system, throat and nose area (the signs of Gemini & Taurus).

ii. Rahu-Ketu axis was directly influencing the signs of Gemini and Taurus.

iii. A touch with Jupiter caused the exponential spread of the disease to turn that into an epidemic.

A Prognosis for a possible end of Coronavirus

There is a stark statistical correlation of astrological combinations at the time of significant epidemics in the world. Therefore, we can attempt a prognosis about the spread of Coronavirus and its possible control by the world.

We have seen in the four significant outbreaks explained above; the world could get the upper hand over the epidemic only after the Rahu-Ketu axis moved away from the signs representing the affected body parts. (Respiratory system, lungs, nose, throat in case of Antonine, Justinian and Spanish Flu and Stomach, liver etc. involving signs of Leo in case of Black Death).

Following this premise, let us examine when Rahu-Ketu changes sign. Ketu entered the Moola Nakshatra on 16th January 2020. Generally, in Mundane Astrology, we do not consider entry of Ketu in the Moola Nakshatra as auspicious. Ketu enters Moola approximately every eighteen and a half years.

Since January 16th 2020, the day when Ketu entered into Moola Nakshatra, we all can see and feel that the entire world is in severe crisis. Ketu exits the Moola Nakshatra on 23rd September-2020.

Will the Coronavirus pandemic end by 23rd September-2020?

This shows the begining of the end of Coronavirus- Nakshatra change in respect of Ketu on 23rd September 2020
Nakshatra change in respect of Ketu on 23rd September 2020

Coronavirus Relief: The first shift of Rahu-Ketu axis:

The shift of Rahu-Ketu axis from Gemini to Taurus on 23rd September 2020 can be considered helpful in the global fight against the coronavirus. It is good that Ketu will not be with Jupiter when it transits into Scorpio on 23rd September 2020. Similarly, on Rahu, there is no aspect from Jupiter. Instead, Rahu and Jupiter are in Shadashtaka (6 by 8) relationship.

Readers may also note that the third house Gemini in Kaalpurush Kundali is the house of communication as well. Presence of Rahu in Gemini under such other planetary combinations, as stated above, clearly indicates a paradigm shift in the way communications takes place in the world. Further, Sun is weak near its debilitation point. Weak Sun signifies that the population still does not have the required immunity to deal with the virus. Thus, by 23rd September 2020, when Rahu leaves Gemini and enters into Taurus, the world would have a completely different way of communicating with each other. (Maybe indicating social distancing, interaction through video-conferences, less individual to individual communication etc.).

Thus, as on 23rd September 2020, although we may not say that the world has won over the virus yet, we can safely say that the world’s communication has entered a new normal. Astrologically after 23rd September 2020, we are looking at much better times than what we are currently suffering. 

So when would the world be able to finally control coronavirus?

Let us revisit the Antonine Plague analysis. In 189 AD, there was a relapse, and at that time, Rahu-Ketu axis was over Taurus and Scorpio signs. The world could win over the Antonine plague only after the Rahu-Ketu axis shifted again from Taurus-Scorpio signs. Similarly, in the Justinian Plague, the relief came only in 543 AD when the Rahu-Ketu axis left Taurus and Scorpio.  Even in the case of Spanish Flu, the world got the upper hand over the Flu only when the Rahu-Ketu axis left Scorpio and Taurus.

The combinations that have triggered Coronavirus are complex and rare for our times. On 23rd September 2020, the Rahu-Ketu axis leaves the sign of Gemini-Saggitarius. However, it is present over Taurus-Scorpio signs which represents the nose and throat areas which are vulnerable to Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Relief: The second shift in the Rahu-Ketu axis:

Let’s see the next change in the Rahu-Ketu axis on 12th April 2022

Possible end of Coronavirus, this is the Horoscope showing Change in Rahu-Ketu axis from Taurus to Aries on 12-April-2022
Change in Rahu-Ketu axis from Taurus to Aries on 12-April-2022.

Sun is strong. It has a significant argala on Taurus. The immunity of the population seems to be very good at this time. There is no adverse influence of Rahu or Ketu. These are good positive signs to convey that the world seems to have a definitive upper hand over the deadly pandemic. We cannot astrologically say whether this is a result of the development of any vaccine or there is any other factor at play. But it can be said with certainty that whatever efforts humanity is making currently, has finally appeared to have borne fruits.

Going by the Antonine, Justinian and Spanish Flu incidents, we may also take caution that the virus probably would never get extinct. However, it would probably be like the regular flu viruses that continue to affect us seasonally but is no more a threat to humanity.

The world is WINNING:

In such epidemics, there is no one date when the disease suddenly gets extinguished. The process is slow and gradual. More so, when Saturn is involved in the whole thing. As is the case with Coronavirus, each passing day, the Rahu-Ketu axis is shifting away from Gemini to Taurus, and finally, it will move to Aries. It gives us great hope that humanity would eventually win over it. But the battle appears to be slow. We all need to have high patience and positive attitude to deal with the situation.

In respect to India, the world has already appreciated its efforts in fighting against the epidemic. The Oxford Covid-19 Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT)compared the COVID-19 response of 73 countries and noted that India scored a “100” due to its swift action, emergency policy-making, emergency investment in healthcare, fiscal measures, investment in vaccine research and active response to the situation.


Till Ketu exits Moola Nakshatra, i.e. till September 23rd, 2020, we are into sensitive times as the world is establishing a new normal for itself. Times would start favouring our efforts after that. Astrologically, the year 2021 seems to be much better than the current one. Each day, humanity is inching closer to win over the virus. Just as in the case of Antonine Plague, post 23rd September 2020, the coronavirus might also show cyclic trends with varying intensity. It might come and go, and before April-2022 when Rahu-Ketu axis finally leaves Taurus and Scorpio, the world would have effectively controlled the virus.

Till we finally win over the virus, we need to strictly abide by the instructions of the Government so that all of us remain safe. We need to practice social distancing norms religiously. Extending all types of help to fellow citizens while maintaining social distancing would be necessary during such times.

Prayers are effective:

Let’s all pray that through the combined efforts of the Governments and people of the world, we may be able to control the virus much sooner than expected. My happiness will know no bounds if all this analysis using statistical correlations proves wrong and the world is free from coronavirus immediately without any further sufferings to anyone in the world.

Ketu is in Moola Nakshatra till 23rd September 2020. Let’s take 30 seconds out of our time and pray to the Nakshatra by listening to the Moola Nakshatra sutram and seek blessings of God to help us tide away these critical times.

Moola Nakshatra Sutram

मूलं॑ प्र॒जां वी॒रव॑तीं विदेय । परा॓च्येतु॒ निरृ॑तिः परा॒चा । गोभि॒र्नक्ष॑त्रं प॒शुभि॒स्सम॑क्तम् । अह॑र्भूया॒द्यज॑मानाय॒ मह्यम्॓ । अह॑र्नो अ॒द्य सु॑वि॒ते द॑दातु । मूलं॒ नक्ष॑त्र॒मिति॒ यद्वद॑न्ति । परा॑चीं वा॒चा निरृ॑तिं नुदामि । शि॒वं प्र॒जायै॑ शि॒वम॑स्तु॒ मह्यम्॓ ॥

mūla’ṃ prajāṃ rava’tīṃ videya | parā”cyetu nirṛ’tiḥ pacā | gobhirnakṣa’traṃ paśubhissama’ktam | aha’rbhūdyaja’mānāya mahyam” | aha’rno adya su’vite da’dātu | mūlaṃ nakṣa’tramiti yadvada’nti | parā’cīṃ cā nirṛ’tiṃ nudāmi | śivaṃ prajāyai’ śivama’stu mahyam” ||

Om Tat Sat

Anish Prasad

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Content of this article or from this website is STRICTLY ONLY for academic and research purposes and may contain errors. The views of the author are personal. Astrology research has not reached a level wherein we can bring out definitive predictive models to make accurate predictions. Thus, we should not use astrology as a guide for policy formulations and decisions affecting our day to day lives. Predictions are uncertain by their very nature. Readers may, therefore, take any prognosis or analysis with caution. All projections are only indicative and based on statistical correlations between horoscopes of previous epidemics. Anything in this article does not intend to influence any thoughts and decisions or impact any ideas, attitudes, or policies of any individual, agency or institution. Overly optimism based on some predicted end dates is dangerous because it may loosen our disciplines and controls which are must for containment of the coronavirus.


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